“No Difference”, 2014

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A work i had made at the end of last year; thinking of playing again with these forms……

“An ambiguous bodily form which has no gender. I completely stripped the concept of gender within this soft sculpture to further enhance the idea of one-ness, equality, with connotations to alchemy by incorporating the eyes. The eyes within this sculpture are a reference to people’s own judgements and stigmas upon the world and in this case with homosexuality. The eye on the chest represents the heart and soul of this humanoid. Weeping; it looks upon the world in despair with hope for something new. It represents an eager feeling of a new utopian society or a new concept of one-ness and equality.

I purposely covered this humanoids face with the aim to diminish any gender categorisation and to eminate a sense of equal-ness as it proposes no form of gender category.

Using housing insulation as the form of fabric for this soft sculpture; i chose this due to it’s representation of something somewhat other-wordly, and it also holds an effective connection to many indian blue gods/goddess ( in this case omnavashivara being the dual sexed, indian god ) to depict spirituality, a higher power, an something godly itself. All this stems back from alchemical theories as well however stripping it completely from any form of obvious gender.”